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Delivery Information

Delivery Information:


·        Verona Jewells is not the company responsible for the delivery. We partner with a third party, UPS, to deliver your purchase to your doorstep.

.     Make sure you provide al the required information for the delivery so that the product is delivered to the correct address as soon as possible.

.     Delivery timing may vary from a products to another, depending on the availability. In case the product is available, the delivery will happen within a week. However, if the product is not available or is processed on demand (ex: watches), then the product might take a month to be produced and delivered. Be assured that we will inform you about the process and the timing required and will keep you updated. You can also check product availability before ordering by contacting us. 

.     We hope you could be patient with us, as some of the delivery or availability delays are not in our hands. Rest assured that we are working at our best to provide you with your purchase. 

·        Verona Jewells is responsible to pack and provide the product to the shipping company, and they would take it from there. After the product being held with the shipping company, Verona Jewells will not be responsible anymore in regard to the product. However, the delivery company will be able to help you and us to make sure that the product is delivered safely.  

.     Please contact us if you are having problems with the delivery process, or if there is trouble with the product not reaching you. We will try to help as much as we can because we care, but it is not our responsibility because delivery is not part of your job as mentioned. 

.     If there was a mistake with the delivery information you entered, please contact us so we could advise you what to do and how to fix it.

.     Please note that if the product has been called back to our shop and out for delivery again because of some issues related to the delivery information you entered, you will be charged again for delivery as the information entered from your side and has nothing to do with us. We hope you could understand.