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Return, Resell & Exchange Policy

Return, Resell, and Exchange Policies:


·         Verona Jewells does not offer the return service. No products can be refunded for money. You can view our terms and conditions for further information on such matters. Should you have a problem, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

·         In case the product is damaged, Verona Jewells is willing to fix the product for free, as long as the product is delivered to any of Verona Jewells stores in the United Arab Emirates and accompanied with the original receipt. The damage in the product should be evaluated by our operators after viewing the product in any of Verona Jewells stores in the UAE and decided whether the damage is simple and fixable.

·       Verona Jewells offers the reselling service of the products purchased by our customers. The products should be delivered and viewed in any of our stores in the UAE and should be accompanied with the original receipt. Our operators will view the product and determine the reselling price for it according to the products condition as well as the real price market at the time of reselling.

·        Verona Jewells does not offer the exchange services. No products can be exchanged for other products or services.

·        Verona Jewells is not responsible for any damage caused to the product by the customers, as all products leaving our company are examined and assured of full quality and efficiency. Therefore, no return or exchange is applied for such cases and the damage maybe fixable according to the steps provided above.

·        Any damage caused via the shipping company is not Verona Jewells’ responsibility. It is the shipping company responsibility.