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About Us

"Best quality products at a satisfactory price."

This quote holds meanings and values we have been keeping dear and clear throughout years and years of business.

'We' stands for us, Verona Jewells, a profound company that originated in the middle east and is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

For more than thirty years, our company has specialized in offering high-end gold and diamond jewelry at the most affordable, reasonable, and honest prices. 

Trust, which molded a strong unwithering bond with the customers, is Verona's building stone and concrete foundation that keeps the company sturdy.

This aspect upholds factors that include our indescribable hard work, persistence, and honesty.

With every year passing and our business growing, we insist on placing our current and future customers’ faith and satisfaction first.

With that being said, our company will take through every step of the process and provide you the security and mind peace needed for the product to reach you.